Invitations to bid: be more efficient

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General contractors schedule, manage and coordinate construction work. They are central to construction projects, since they steer the entire group of stakeholders involved in a project. The purpose of the bidding procedure is to have several potential contractors compete in order to obtain the best price for a predetermined standard of quality. In other instances, the purpose is to obtain the best quality or project at a pre-established price. Here’s how ConstructBuy can help you be more efficient in your process.

File Sharing


Drag, move and organize your files in project folders. With the free subscription plan, you have access to 10 GB of file storage. This feature lets you know who downloaded each file and when. If this is an addendum question, ConstructBuy offers you the possibility to send a notification to the concerned partners.

Mass mailing of invitations to bid



In the construction industry, generally, to win the bidding war, you must get the best prices. Thanks to ConstructBuy, it is possible to send invitations to bid to all your partners or from our public directory.

Invitation Tracking



The Invitation Tracking feature allows you to see the responses to invitations sent and submissions received at a glance. As a result, you have a clear visual representation of the partners who have responded or not. You can follow up by sending a notification in just two clicks. With software like ConstructBuy, receiving your quotes on time will never have been easier. Clicking on the graphs also makes it possible to immediately find the speakers concerned by the information displayed.

Messaging and Notifications


It’s easy to lose control of our inbox. The ConstructBuy platform allows you to simplify your communications and help your team and your partners better organize themselves.
How is it possible ? Thanks to the ConstructBuy messaging system, all your communications are centralized in the same place and automatically classified. Approval of attachments such as plans, quotes and addenda is done directly in the communication platform. In addition, with the functionality to chat with one or more recipients information sharing is available at your fingertips.

Be part of the new communications revolution!

360 ° collaboration


A collaboration tool is not complete if you cannot include all stakeholders in a project. With Constructbuy, you can invite your customers, professionals, subcontractors, suppliers and other stakeholders to collaborate on the project. The multi-level invitation system allows your guests to invite their partners themselves. You can configure all access controls to keep the information private and confidential. Sharing information has never been so simple and effective!

ConstructBuy is a free platform suitable for construction companies of all sizes. The suite of tools available includes project management and communications, estimating, bid management, time and expense management, and business social network.

Find out why more than 25,000 users have chosen ConstructBuy to increase their performance.

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Reflect about the future of construction

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Slowdown Growth

In Canada, 254,800 workers, or 21% of the current workforce, will retire in the next decade. These departures will only be partially offset by 226,200 newcomers, or 18% from the local population aged 30 or less.

Attracting workers may be more difficult because the construction industry will compete with other sectors facing similar issues related to the population aging and the decreasing number of youths joining the labor force. As a result, the sector will need to intensify mentoring, training and retention initiatives for new construction workers. Moreover, this downturn will slow down investment in new homes and overall long-term construction needs.

To a New Industrial Age

The world is entering a new industrial age. Technology has led to digitization and automation in many aspects of our lives, and it’s happening even faster than we would have imagined. Technology is a challenge for all industries and all workers. It also creates jobs that have never existed, while others are gradually disappearing.

Internet and other technologies make communications instantaneous, constant and affordable for people all around the world. By 2025, more than 50 billion devices will be connected in a world of 8 billion people. So, to keep up, workers in the construction industry need to be the most open-minded and flexible as possible. We’ll have to adopt new technologies and acquire the skills we need to take over the jobs of tomorrow.

Face the World of Tomorrow

Technology can help connect with the next generation of workers. In fact, it is absolutely necessary. As the industry faces departures of more than 254,800 professionals, it is imperative to appeal to the younger generation. We must demonstrate to the youngest that construction not only has high-value jobs, both in terms of income and development, but will remain relevant.

Today’s young people have grown up with Internet access and expect to see companies standardizing their experiences and understanding the digital world is an essential asset to achieve this goal, not a side product. Know that today’s students expect to see technology incorporated into everyday processes throughout the company, from training to connecting the office and the field.

Bring Value to the Industry

Technology should be seamlessly integrated within your organization in a way that creates the most value. To appeal to the younger generation and show that construction is an industry of choice, we must continue to adopt the technological movement that is part of our daily lives. We can’t be content to partially make use of technological breakthroughs, however interesting. We need to integrate technology into our businesses, from design, through how we connect to the field, to construction, as well as training on a daily basis. Construction doesn’t just mean nailing boards and pouring concrete; it is a highly qualified and demanding industry, on which our living standards depend. Workers need to streamline technology in their process and understand that it brings value and becomes more relevant to young people.

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Efficiency of Projects by Digital Technology

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Many studies and researches show that the construction industry suffers from problems of productivity, cost, schedule and quality of the finished product. The process of these projects is mainly centered on production and intensive exchange of information allowing the design and the realization of the product. This is why information and communication technologies are considered by specialists and researchers as the solution to all these issues.

However, the construction industry remains cautious in its investments in ICT. Mobile technologies and cloud computing open up exciting possibilities for the reduction of these problems. It is now possible, using tablets and smartphones, to access all the information about the project and the product to deliver, while making changes.

On the Road of Mobility

Communication and collaboration are essential to the success of a construction project. In constant evolution, technologies continue to surprise us and offer many opportunities to access to information. Emergence of mobile technologies offers lower-cost solutions to facilitate the sharing of information within projects. With the use of digital technology, there are so many possibilities in terms of modernization of communication, collaboration and information gathering in real time.

“We cut out eight hours a week in paperwork by having our guys gather data while they’re performing the service, on location, using iPad,” says Julian Clayton, Vice President of Research and Technology at Crescent Construction Services.

Top reasons for using mobile devices

The two main reasons are to offer the possibility to solve problems more effectively and communicate more easily with the office. The following figure includes only the tasks for which more than 60% of respondents said that the mobile tools had a positive impact on the completion of the task in question.


According to the Cefrio case study, one of the facts that limits the introduction of new work methods is resistance to change (44%, see the graph below). This resistance is a reality that greatly disrupts the integration of new processes within organizations. Although they are already available in large quantities on the market, mobile technologies are no exception to this rule.

The changes brought by this type of tool mainly affect the teams on the site. The reality of the construction industry is that these teams have an overloaded schedule, so it’s difficult to provide them with adequate support. Under these conditions, teaching new ways of working can actually be difficult for companies wishing to make these changes to maximize the benefits of using mobile technologies.

However, the familiarity with mobile technologies, caused by widespread use for personal purposes, offers the advantage of helping companies to integrate these new tools. One of the strategies considered by companies is self-learning of employees. This approach allows site workers to acclimatize themselves to the arrival of mobile technologies on construction sites, in addition to allowing them to get support from their organization in order to use them more. Here’s 5 tips for implementing new technologies in your business.

  The benefits associated with the use of mobile technologies

In an industry where information can be considered the heart of a project, having constant access to it facilitates decision-making and validation of work on the construction site. Respondents from innovative firms say 92% that accessibility to information is the decisive factor in the decision to integrate mobile technologies into the work process (see graph below).

In addition, leaders recognize that the construction industry is suffering from a significant communication problem and that mobile technologies could improve the exchange of information in the field (92%). For example, a project management software like ConstructBuy can manage human resources, both internal and external, material and financial. To learn more about the benefits of using project management software, visit What you will get with project management software.

The Use of Technologies


However, even if the companies we met want to use mobile technologies on the job sites to better communicate and collaborate, consulting and sending e-mails remains the two predominant uses of these technologies. Curiously, according to those interviewed in the Cefrio case study, access to email does not improve coordination of project teams. Simply because the use of this means of communication is limited to conversations between a few individuals.


Mobile technologies have much more to offer than simple e-mail or calendar consultation. Project management software like ConstructBuy will be your best ally from the beginning to the end of your project. Whether you are on the job site with your smart device or at the office with your computer, you’ll have access to real-time information.

ConstructBuy is a free platform suitable for construction companies of all sizes. The suite of tools available includes project management and communications, estimating, bid management, time and expense management, and business social network.

Find out why more than 25,000 users have chosen ConstructBuy to increase their performance.

5 tips for implementing new technologies in your business

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Implementing new technologies in an organization can have remarkable effects such as increased productivity, better sales, improved communication, and simply enhancing your business. On the other hand, introducing a new technology into an organization can be a complex process. That’s why these five tips will make your transition a lot easier and make the technology change more appealing.

Notify Your Employees

As soon as you seriously consider the implementation of a new technology in your work environment, tell your employees. Explain the benefits for them and the company and be transparent as soon as possible. According to a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, only 50% of employees believe that their employer is open and honest with them. If employees are kept informed and understand their role in the process, they will be more likely to help you make that transition.

Adapt to All Learning Styles

To facilitate the transition, training is necessary for you and your employees. Don’t forget that everyone learns differently, so be sure to include multiple learning styles in your strategy.

Visual people need to see the instructions step by step, they are observant and have an increased sense of detail, so don’t hesitate to give them detailed examples. Auditory people, however, need to hear you describe the process and be guided. As for kinesthetic people, they like to experience things by themselves rather than hearing about them.

Team up With a Few “Champion” Employees

In your point of view, this change will save employees time, which will allow them to be more flexible and to improve productivity, sales and profits. From the employee’s and related department’s point of view, you jostle them by changing how they always did things and asking them to give up their usual tools for this new technology.

Negativity could therefore easily spread in a workplace. As soon as the news is public, it is wise to get support at all levels by having employees “champions” that listen and understand the benefits of this decision. They can express their interest and support to the team. These sponsors or “champions” of the cause will be invaluable in order to help you deliver a positive message.

Set Goals

It is important to define and communicate your goals for the implementation of this new technology. This can help you know how the organization is responding to it and even which employees are better adopting the technology. Setting goals also helps users get the most out of the new system.

It is common for new technologies to be introduced gradually into business operations, but it’s essential to let employees know what is expected of them at every step. Employees can’t help you measure success (or identify problems) if they don’t know the objectives.

Be Patient

It’s not uncommon for some to become impatient with those who aren’t so enthusiastic about change. If you find that you or your team become irritable because of the time it takes for others to accept the new state of things, remember that adapting to change takes time.

For some, transitioning may be nothing more than a pebble walk on but for others, it may seem like a mountain to climb. You may have been researching and planning for this new technology for a year, but that doesn’t mean everyone is on the same wavelength. Your employees deserve enough time to properly implement this system in their individual tasks.

Humans love habits, so sometimes making changes isn’t always easy. Keep in mind that change is not an event, but a process. Therefore, plan each step of the process and don’t lose sight of why you did it in the first place. Follow these tips and, once your new technology is implemented, your business will become more productive and profitable.

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Rulon Allred Appointed as General Manager for ConstructBuy in the United States

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Nomination Notice

Mr. Stéphane Labelle, Executive Vice President at ConstructBuy is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Rulon Allred as General Manager, United States.

After seven years as Partner Manager for PlanSwift LLC, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Mr. Allred, will officially take on his new role starting April 11, 2018, with the mandate of expanding ConstructBuy’s market within the United States. “With his market knowledge, his leadership and his experience in the field, Mr. Allred is the ideal candidate to fill the position and he is a great addition to our already strong team.”, says Stéphane Labelle.

Mr. Allred, who will operate from the US office of the Canadian company, states:

“It is a great opportunity for me to be able to join a team of dedicated people at ConstructBuy. I am excited about the product and how it will help the construction industry. The vision of the company and its leaders is something I truly believe in.”

About ConstructBuy

ConstructBuy is a North American leader in the field of computer technologies in the construction industry. Through its bid solicitation, project management and estimating solutions, the Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada-based company has earned a leading position in the industry across North America.

7 Benefits of Prefabricated Construction

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Prefabricated construction is the practice of assembling a variety of components of a structure at a manufacturing site and transporting those subassemblies to the location of the construction job site. Prefabricated construction is sometimes thought of as a low-end and mass produced mode of construction. In reality, it is quite the opposite. Prefabricated construction is becoming more common, improving in quality and has become available in a variety of budgets. Despite the perception of prefabrication, there are numerous benefits to this type of construction. This article assesses the advantages that prefabricated construction presents for both businesses and customers.


Modular construction is often commended for energy efficiency and sustainable construction. Traditional construction methods require extra materials that lead to increased waste. However, since prefabricated subassemblies are constructed in a factory, extra materials can be recycled in-house. This is a considerable improvement over sending waste directly to a landfill from a traditional construction site. Also, the controlled environment of a factory allows for more accurate construction, tighter joints and better air filtration, which in turn allows for better wall insulation and an increase in energy efficiency.

Financial Savings

One of the greatest advantages of prefabricated construction would be financial savings. Although the perception of custom-made pieces may seem expensive, with prefabricated or modular construction, this is not the case. Modular construction targets all budgets and price points, creating an affordable option. Prefabrication manufacturers often receive bulk discounts from material suppliers which then trickle down to the cost of a construction project. Modular construction also sidesteps the possibility of unreliable contractors and unproductive staff. Additionally, the reduction in construction time can significantly save on construction financing costs.


Modular construction can be easily be disassembled and relocated to different sites. This significantly reduces the demand for raw materials, minimizes expended energy and decreases time overall. Also, modular construction allows for flexibility in the design of the structure allowing for a limitless number of opportunities. Since prefabricated construction units can be used in different spaces, its neutral aesthetics is able to blend in with almost any building type.

Consistent Quality

Since prefabricated construction occurs in a controlled manufacturing environment and follows specified standards, the sub-assemblies of the structure will be built to a uniform quality. Construction site-built structures are dependent upon varying skill levels and the schedules of independent contractors. These all contribute to the craftsmanship and overall quality of given structure. With prefabrication, each sub-assembly is built by an experienced crew in a weather-resistant factory, with multiple quality checks throughout the entire process. Some components of the building are constructed using precise machine equipment to ensure conformity to the building code.

Reduced Site Disruption

Since many components of a building are completed in the factory, there is significantly less truck traffic, equipment and material suppliers around the final construction site. This limits the disruption of traditional job sites that suffer from noise, pollution, waste and other common irritants. This streamlined approach to construction provides a far more efficient atmosphere for productivity, and eliminates unnecessary distractions and interference that are typical of construction sites.

Shorter Construction Time

Portable construction takes significantly less time to build than on-site construction. In many instances, prefabrication takes less than half the time when compared to traditional construction. This is due to better upfront planning, elimination of on-site weather factors, subcontractor scheduling delays and quicker fabrication as multiple pieces can be constructed simultaneously. Shorter construction times allows construction companies to take on multiple projects at once, allowing businesses to grow rather than putting all their focus and resources on one or a few projects at a time.


Since subassemblies are created in a factory-controlled environment utilizing dry materials, there is less risk for problems associated with moisture, environmental hazards and dirt. This ensures that those on the construction site, as well as a project’s eventual tenants are less likely to be exposed to weather-related health risks. Also, an indoor construction environment presents considerably fewer risks for accidents and other liabilities. There are strict factory processes and procedures that protect the worker from on-the-job injury. At a construction site, although safety is of utmost importance, workers are subjected to weather-related conditions, changing ground conditions, wind and other crew members who are at the site.

Final Thoughts

With the continued popularity of prefabricated construction, it is likely that it will only continue to grow in popularity. Customers who choose this option are able to enjoy a high quality, quicker, cost-effective, and eco-friendly construction method. Furthermore, construction companies may soon increase their investment in modular construction processes, benefiting both their business and customer relationships. Prefabricated construction is proving to be an extremely viable option, and as manufacturing technology continues to improve, expect to see its benefits and advantages rise in the future.

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What Will You Get From a Project Management Software?

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Construction companies are involved in many activities that require careful and detailed planning. Each action must be handled with caution, which means that collaboration and communication between stakeholders is essential. In order to have the best chances to complete a project on time, it’s planning must be rigorously with the employees of the same company as well as the external stakeholders.

This type of software will be your best associate from the beginning to the end of your project. In this blog post, you will discover that a project management software will help you save time, facilitate access to your information, improve communication between employees and the planning of your projects.

Saving Time

In a project construction, one of the most important elements is time. Time being a limited resource, you probably don’t have enough, whoever you are, whatever you do. Poor time management is reflected in shorter deadlines and a more oppressive lifestyle. In the end, however, you don’t need more time; you simply need a tool to manage it more effectively.

Whether in terms of logistics management, hardware or resources, a good tool such as project management software can perform organizational tasks faster, saving time. And saving time means increased productivity and, therefore, profitability.

Improved Communication

Despite what many people think, collaboration in construction is essential. Having good communication between contractors, architects, designers and all other stakeholders is fundamental for a project to be successful.

Project management software is used to manage human resources, both internal and external, material and financial. Software like ConstructBuy is available from any smart device or computer, so it allows to stay connected with contacts at all times. In addition, because the information is centralized, no time is wasted  searching through emails, faxes and other statements.

In addition, the use of real-time software ensures that all stakeholders of a project are aware of updates. So, using project management software improves communication between project collaborators and minimize the margin of error.

Centralization of Your Information

In construction, like in many other fields, it is necessary to keep the information up to date at all times. Traditional management methods take a lot of time and there’s always important information that ends up getting lost.

With project management software, you always know in which phase of your project you are. Your projects are accessible in just a few clicks, because of the filters or keyword search system which allow you to quickly find documents and other crucial information.

Optimizing the Planning of Your Projects

In the past, project management required many meetings to determine what work had to be achieved, the level of involvement of each party, the monitoring of projects, etc. Today, project management software can easily take over some of this planning and save time. Whether before, during or after the project, software like ConstructBuy will allow real-time monitoring of each phase. And as we know, good planning is often a synonym with success!

Besides optimizing the planning of your project, there’s a better chance the deadlines will be respected. So investing in project management software helps ensure the sustainability of your business and the profitability of your projects.

ConstructBuy is a free platform suitable for construction companies of all sizes. The suite of tools available includes project management and communications, estimating, bid management, time and expense management, and business social network.

Find out why more than 25,000 users have chosen ConstructBuy to increase their performance.

Benefits of Using Time and Expense Management Software

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Benefits of Using Time and Expense Management Software


It can be difficult to integrate new technologies into the workplace, especially if you use to proceed in the same manner for years. However, there are some easy-to-use but effective applications that can help you improve your day-to-day operations and reduce your workload.

Time and expense management software are an essential tool for construction companies. This kind of software will save managers time and money by improving project planning, controlling costs, simplifying payroll management and keeping employees on track.

Improve Project Planning

Time and expense management software allow a better project planning because it helps the manager plan when it is necessary to have more or fewer employees on the job site. Also, by accurately tracking the time of each task in a project, the manager will be able to organize similar projects in the future more efficiently. In addition, with such a program it is possible to arrange several weeks, which contributes to better project planning.

Sometimes customers want to know how a project is progressing. As a result, having a management software allows to respond to customers with more precision and certitude, which makes it possible to present a professional image of the company.

Control Costs

The use of time and expense management software also allows for better control over labor expenses. A software like ConstructTime give access to statistics in just a few clicks. In addition, completing reports with photos or files attachments makes for better expense tracking . It should be noted that these are recorded by the project and a history of each invoice is kept. So, knowing how much time is devoted to each task and what’s the expenses spent on each project leads to more efficient cost control and can improve future bids.

Simplify Payroll Management

Simplifying and facilitating the compilation of employee work hours is also what time and expense management software can do. By avoiding errors such as double entry or forgetting information, payrolls are done more accurately and quickly. In addition, several types of access for users are available in ConstructTime. Some roles have the option to manage or edit worker timesheets. You should also know that the schedule and the data remain private from one employee to another in this software.

Keep Your Employees on Track

This kind of program also keeps your employees up-to-date in their jobs so they always know what to do. In addition, by noting how many hours were spent on each task, they can evaluate their own performance. With an application like ConstructTime, it’s also possible to add a map of the project address so employees can find the site easily. In this way, the manager’s workload is reduced and employees are aware of everything related to the project in question.

Real Time Tracking

With the use of real-time software, the entire team is able to access documents at any time. Whether it is from a smart device on a job site or from a computer at the office, ConstructTime is available from anywhere. In addition, with this tool, an SMS is sent to the employee’s mobile phone when there’s a modification. So software like this one allows a more effective and real-time monitoring.

How Can PlanSwift Help Small Contractors?

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Many small contractors are doing their takeoff and estimates on paper plans by hand because that’s the way they’ve always done it. “If it’s not broke don’t fix it.” right? With the world constantly making improvements, especially in the software field, it just makes sense to make improvements to your business too. Takeoff and estimating software could completely change your company for the better in a matter of just a few hours. Who could say no to improving their business overnight?

PlanSwift is the number one takeoff and estimating software as well as the fastest and easiest takeoff software available on the market today. PlanSwift, improves accuracy, saves time, and increases profit in just three easy steps.

1. Point and Click – If it’s colored it’s counted, just click on the plan and your area is calculated for you.

2. Drag and Drop – Simply drag your material and labor assemblies and drop them onto your takeoff.

3. Print or Export – PlanSwift is fully compatible with Excel and other software like ConstructBuy Estimating, sharing your estimate has never been easier.

What can PlanSwift do for your company?

• You can save an average of 75% of your estimating time by using PlanSwift.
• PlanSwift will eliminate your cost of printing your plans as well as save you time to and from the print shop.
• PlanSwift gives you quicker and more accurate bids.
• All of your plans will be stored in the same easily accessible location on your computer with PlanSwift.
• PlanSwift is easy to learn and simple to teach which is why a training package is offered with the purchase of the software.
• Mistakes are fixed in PlanSwift in a matter of minutes instead of having to recheck all your additions and deletions and the bottom line. With PlanSwift you can make a change in minutes and have your numbers recalculated instantly once they’ve been entered.
• PlanSwift gives you the option to send a screenshot of your plans with a note to the job site in just seconds giving you better communication with your team and your subcontractors.

Download Your 14 Day FREE Trial of PlanSwift Today!


New Satellite to Improve Weather Forecast Launched by NASA

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New Satellite to Improve Weather Forecast Launched by NASA


Thursday, at the end of the day, a new weather satellite was launched by NASA. A new generation that offers high resolution images of storms over the American continent. This new satellite will significantly improve weather forecasts.

The Atlas V rocket, carrying the GOES-S satellite (“Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite”), took off at 5:02 p.m. local time (10:02 p.m. GMT) from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

As part of a joint program between NASA and the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA), GEOS-S is the second satellite of its kind to be launched.

According to experts, the GEOS-R deployed in November 2016 helped predict the many hurricanes that hit the Caribbean last summer.

This new generation of satellites, in which NASA and NOAA have invested $ 11 billion, will replace the existing GOES satellite fleet, which has not undergone any major modernization in 40 years.

Two other GOES-R satellites, built by the US group Lockheed Martin, are yet to be deployed.

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